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Quantum Journey (Jumping) or timeline jumping is the act of manifesting what we desire using vibration. Quantum Jumping utilizes Universal Laws as a tool to gain a deeper experience in a guided mediation. No matter where you are, it is important to remember that you are right where you are supposed to be. Your Higher Self (YOU) is guiding you. The soul came to learn things that can only be learned on the Earth plane—in duality. When you make certain decisions about your life, you choose a particular timeline. There is an infinite number of possibilities or timelines to choose from and we can use Quantum Jumping to bring another, more desirable timeline, closer to us.

Often times, the thing we desire is a mismatch to our consistent vibration so it feels very far away from us. Using Quantum Jumping, we tap into our multidimensionality, feeling for the vibration of the thing we want and continue to do the clearing work that will help us hold that vibration for longer periods of time. As we release more and more resistance, the thing we desire can arrive into our reality. The more you can become a vibrational match to the thing you desire, the faster it is a natural part of your life—without the struggle.

This is doing our “shadow work”. Getting out of our own way, knowing we deserve to have the thing we desire and knowing we CAN have it. Removing those dense energies blocking us by understanding why they were there in the first place and knowing they can be released.

Each class is different from week to week as we move from manifesting to trauma release and exploration of who we have been, who we are now and what our purpose on the planet is in this life.


Nov 06 2019


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Shine Your Heart Healing
324 Elm Ave, Long Beach
Shawnaleah Sunshine Epps


Shawnaleah Sunshine Epps

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