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Christina Loh

Christina has a passion for sharing her years of acquired knowledge and experience so that others can reach their highest potential. As an executive in high tech and mother of four, she has faced many challenges with anxiety, stress and struggles to feel happy. She brings a real world perspective on how to have a deeply fulfilling life within everyday realities. In her

journey, Christina reunited with joy, magic and life purpose. She believes that everyone’s journey to finding bliss is unique. Everyone deserves to live their best life. Her mission is to expose students to a variety of methods, tools and experiences that they can explore for themselves and incorporate into their daily lives. Great things are accomplished through many small actions. Learn new perspectives on purpose, decisions, energy, dimensions, relationship with self and others. Christina is a Keynote speaker, Life Coach, Reiki Energy Master, Pachakuti Mesa Shamanic practitioner and Monroe Institute graduate.

Kelly Bohl

Kelly is a healer and creator, a certified Reiki Master, professional dancer and teacher. She is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner and currently completing her degree in Sound Therapy from Globe Institute in San Francisco, CA.
As a musician from a young age, Kelly tailors every Sound Journey through intuition as they organically unfold. Kelly utilizes a wide range of instruments in each class that includes the harp, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, drums, voice, movement, color and light therapy, creating a journey that’s unique and ever-evolving. Kelly guides you to self-healing and to awaken your true, inner-potential. We invite you to get lost in the Sound Journey, and find yourSelf.

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Shawnaleah Sunshine Epps

Shawna is an ambassador of LOVE, a certified yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and licensed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner dedicated to helping people heal this and past life trauma. She is a LightWarrior here to raise the planetary vibration while helping those she encounters to expand their consciousness. That is why she opened Shine Your Heart Healing. It seems Shawna has always been on her way to this very moment. Born an empath and highly intuitive, she didn’t start realizing her potential until her late 20s when her activations really began.

Over the years, he ability to feel people and hold space for them has grown. She has had her fair share of shadow work to do and having gone through her own ‘dark night of the soul’ she can hold space for others going through the same. She is an old soul who answered the call to come to Earth to love others and raise the vibration so Gaia and the souls upon it can ascend to the 5th dimension. There is work to be done and love to be given. We hope you will join in classes designed to expand your consciousness and live life in the flow.

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Dylan Churchill

Dylan’s offering is mainly felt through his presence and especially while using sound. Dylan has  over four years of experience in holding guided group meditations for those of all age groups. He offers a gentle approach to spirituality and feels the importance of emphasizing the simplicity of the journey on a frequent basis. He believes that through the practice of deep listening and inquiry, one can realize the joy, peace, and unconditional love that is already here, inherent within each of us. Dylan is certified both in Reiki as well as Sound Healing and uses these subtle energy practices to create an environment of presence. His 20 years of experience in playing musical instruments and exploring the voice manifest in a style of meditation that emphasizes the use of harmony, frequency, and beautiful sound. 

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Sharna Fabiano

Sharna is an internationally recognized teacher of Argentine Tango, a yoga teacher, and a certified Brilliance coach. She has studied a wide variety of arts and healing disciplines that integrate body, mind, and spirit, and loves helping others craft lives of purpose by tuning in to their own inner wisdom. An experienced teacher and facilitator, she is skilled in identifying links between patterns of thinking and feeling, and also able to offer the grounded, compassionate support needed to make courageous changes.

Learn more about Sharna’s work at www.sharnafabiano.com

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Michelle Yasmin Smith

Michelle Yasmin Smith is a certified yoga teacher and workshop facilitator. Early exposure to spirituality nurtured her innate fascination for personal development, resulting in years of experience with different healing modalities. Forever a student of love and life, she is known for her heart-centered approach to holding space for emotional transformation.

Many of the workshops she presents are centered around getting into deeply relaxed states, accessing the subconscious mind, and navigating shadow work, helping individuals feel more integrated by the end. It is here one can transmute their pain stories into an empowered sense of purpose!

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